In the classroom, workplace, and informal discussions, it often seems that many of the day-to-day issues we face are commonly the result of critical thinking failures. Unfortunately, critical thinking books and courses are themselves often convoluted and filled with theory, while lacking any practical or applied elements are missing. As a result, students forget the material a day after the final, and even professionals who can quote the books fail to implement critical thinking.

My own approach to philosophy is somewhat different, and focuses on actionable thinking: a way of understanding and using critical thinking that translates directly into daily use, because it brings tangible value to every activity. By making thinking actionable,we make philosophy relevant. By stripping out unnecessary jargon, we make it accessible.

Actionable Thought aims to provide a functional, accessible guide to applied critical thinking. Part of that mission includes developing a focus on holistic thinking, as well as drawing on ideas of many non-Western philosophies and thinkers.


I also run Actionable CS – a Cyber Security Blog, focusing on cyber-war. Cyber-threat Intelligence, etc.

You can find some of my other work on Academia